Minor in Professional Writing

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"If you want to get better at writing, communicating, and understanding people, then Professional Writing minor opens a lot of doors."

Bennett Matson (B.A. in Public Policy Leadership '22)

Law Student, Loyola University

About this Program

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric in the College of Liberal Arts offers the minor in Professional Writing. Students hone their communication skills for a variety of digital, disciplinary, and workplace environments. They build the skills to become more competitive job applicants and successful employees. Students are able to apply class projects to their major or career goals.

The minor is offered in traditional face-to-face courses and entirely-online formats.

The Value of a Professional Writing Minor

With special focus given to navigating the terrain of electronic writing environments and social media through portfolio projects, students develop key skills: written and oral communication, teamwork, project management, research and analysis, and critical thinking/problem solving. The Professional Writing minor can benefit students of all majors and all career paths.

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    Required Credit Hours


    Academic Requirements

    See information below on the Professional Writing Minor. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students in the Professional Writing minor complete 18 credit hours of courses 

    Required Courses:

    • Writ 300: Rhetoric of Professional Communication
    • Writ 310: Writing in Professional Contexts

    12 hours of Writ courses at 200-level and above:

    • Writ 210: Rhetoric I: Foundations to 1650
    • Writ 220: Survey of Rhetoric
    • Writ 250: Advanced Composition
    • Writ 301: Responding to Writers
    • Writ 320: Technical Writing
    • Writ 340: Contemporary Writing Studies
    • Writ 345: Community Writing
    • Writ 350: Writing for Digital Media
    • Writ 360: Document Design
    • Writ 370: Editing and Proofreading
    • Writ 380: Scientific Writing
    • Writ 398: Topics in Writing Studies on Location
    • Writ 399: Special Topics
    • Writ 410: Grant Writing
    • Writ 415: Digital Rhetoric
    • Writ 440: Writing for Accountancy
    • Spch 310: Collaborative Communication



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    Why Study Professional Writing?

    "Professional Writing really complimented my work with the student newspaper, The Daily Mississippian. It provided a well-rounded education. As a Recruitment Specialist for OR Nurses Nationwide, I am using advanced communication skills every day."

    Alexis Rhoden

    B.A.J. Journalism ('19)

    Choosing a Major + Professional Writing

    Combine your Professional Writing minor with many other subjects based on your interests and career goals.

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