Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pre-Pharmacy)

BUILD YOUR LEGACY in science and healthcare at one of the nation's best pharmacy schools.

Ole Miss Pharmacy student Victoria Green sits in a classroom

"I love the School of Pharmacy not only because of the endless resources they provide students to succeed but also because of the welcoming and loving environment that has helped me to form an innumerable amount of connections and relationships that I know will last a lifetime!"

Victoria Green

4th Year Pharmacy Student

About this Program

Do you want to become a medication expert? Are you interested in science? Do you want to make a difference and provide quality healthcare? You're in the right place!

A Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences will provide the foundation for your future. You will build the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's healthcare environment. Students receive their Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences upon completing the first professional year of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Pharmacy is a broad field with many different career paths. Wherever your interests lie, our program will open the door. 

You won't be alone on this journey. Our accomplished faculty dedicated to student learning will guide you along the way. They are invested in your success and will take the time to teach both in and out of the classroom. Thanks to their experience, you'll have the support you need during your time in school.

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    Health and Social Services


    Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology


    4 Years


    B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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    Secure Your Seat

    The University of Mississippi’s Early Entry Program provides highly qualified high school seniors with guaranteed seats in the professional pharmacy program upon completion of pre-pharmacy coursework, avoiding the competitive selection process for traditional entry admission into the Pharm.D. professional program.

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    Build Your Legacy in Health Care

    The pre-pharmacy program is a 2-3 year course of study that prepares students for admission into the professional pharmacy degree program. The University of Mississippi's pre-pharmacy program is unique among public colleges of pharmacy in that the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) degree is awarded after the completion of your senior year.

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    Begin Your Journey

    Ready to take the first step? Then, let's get started. Below, you can find all the information you need about applying to our program, plus a look at the classes you'll be taking.


    Have questions? Our staff will be here to guide and assist you.

    Early Entry Application Process

    Step 1: Apply to Ole Miss

    Step 2: Use your Ole Miss application number to apply to the Early Entry Program located under the Pharmacy section of the Special Program Applications

    *Deadline is January 10th. Applications may be submitted before admissions requirements are met.

    Step 3: Select an applicant day for interviewing within the Special Programs Application

    Step 4: Apply for housing

    Step 5: Sign up for orientation

    To be eligible for the Early Entry Program, a student must meet these admissions requirements:

    • A preferred 24 Math subscore on the ACT (*ACT math requirement must be met by the first day of fall classes.)
    • Attend an in-person interview
    • Competitive GPA

    If a student does not meet these requirements, please reach out to Lindsey Cooper, Coordinator of Admissions, at lindsey@olemiss.edu for more assistance on how to enter the program. 

    To maintain status in the Early Entry Program, a student must:

    • Take all science courses in person at The University of Mississippi. A student must complete the requirements for the B.S.P.S. degree by the end of his or her fourth year of college.
    • Achieve at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA on “non-elective” courses by the end of EE1 spring, and maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA on all “non-elective” courses attempted by the end of the EE2 and EE3 years.
    • Early Entry students who have less than a 3.00 cumulative GPA on required, non-elective courses, but above/at a 2.75 have the opportunity to take part in the “Early Entry Academic Achievement Program” the next school year, giving such students an additional year on “probation” to achieve the cumulative 3.00 as mentioned above.
    • Receive no semester grades below C in any courses.

    Often, students who are unable to complete the Early Entry Program transfer to pre-pharmacy student status and gain admission to the professional degree program through traditional entry admission.

    Prospective Students:

    1. Apply for undergraduate admission to the University of Mississippi.
    2. Declare Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences as your major on your admissions application.

    Current Students:

    • Speak to your advisor about the process of declaring a new major.

    *This curriculum applies to current Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors at Ole Miss, community college, or other four-year institutions who will enter the Professional Pharmacy program in the fall of 2024 or fall of 2025.

    Degree Plan

    Current Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

    First Year

    WRIT 100 or 101/HON 101WRIT 102 or LIBA 102/HON 102
    CHEM 105 Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 115CHEM 106 Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 116
    BISC 160 Biology I, BISC LAB 161BISC 162 Biology II, BISC LAB 163
    MATH 261 Calculus IMATH 115 Elementary Statistics

    PHCY 100 Intro to Pharmacy (Early Entry Student Requirement)

    Second Year

    CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 225CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 226
    PHYS 213 Physics I, PHYS LAB 223BISC Genetics 336
    SPCH 102 or 105 SpeechECON 202 Microeconomics
    Elective (Social Sciences)Elective (Humanities)
    Elective (Fine Arts Appreciation)

    Third Year

    BMS 343 BiochemistryPHAD 395 Pharmacy Ethics
    BMS 321 Medical MicrobiologyBMS 345 Human Anatomy
    Elective (Social Science)BMS 344 Human Physiology
    Elective (Humanities)Elective (Humanities or Fine Arts)
    Free ElectiveFree Elective

    *The 18 hours of nonprofessional electives must include six (6) hours of social or behavioral sciences and 12 hours of fine arts (FA) and humanities electives, with a minimum of 3 hours of fine arts and 6 hours of humanities. At least one fine art must be considered an appreciation course. Performance course credits are not acceptable. Although quality grades for nonprofessional elective courses and any other electives are recorded, they are NOT included in the calculation of the grade-point average (GPA) utilized in admissions, progression, or school scholarship decisions.

    *This curriculum applies to the incoming freshmen class of the fall of 2024 at Ole Miss, community colleges, or other four-year institutions or to any students entering the Professional Pharmacy Program in the fall of 2026.

    New Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

    First Year

    WRIT 100 or 101 First-Year WritingWRIT 102 or LIBA 102 First-Year Writing II
    CHEM 105 Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 115CHEM 106 Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 116
    BISC 160 Biology I, BISC LAB 161BISC 162 Biology II, BISC LAB 163
    MATH 261 Calculus IMATH 115 Elementary Statistics

    PHCY 100 Intro to Pharmacy (Early Entry Student Requirement)

    Elective (Social Science)

    Second Year

    CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 225CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 226
    BMS 321 Medical MicrobiologyBMS 344 Human Physiology
    BMS 345 Human AnatomySPCH 102 or 105 Speech
    Elective (Humanities)Elective (Humanities)
    Elective (Fine Arts Appreciation)Elective (Social Science)

    August 1st

    Ole Miss Admissions Opens

    September 1st

    Special Programs and Scholarships Application Opens to Apply for Early Entry Pharmacy Program

    Early Entry Program Applicant Days

    EE Applicant Day 1: Feb 8th
    EE Applicant Day 2: Feb 15th
    EE Applicant Day 3: March 1st

    Traditional Entry Program Applicant Days

    Traditional Applicant Day: October 18th  
    Traditional Applicant Day: Jan 24th
    Traditional Applicant Day: March 28th

    Did You Know?

    TOP 25

    nationally ranked public pharmacy school, according to the U.S. News and World Report.


    ranked research university by Carnegie

    100+ Career Paths in Pharmacy

    • Health-System Pharmacy
    • Community Pharmacy
    • Managed Care Pharmacy
    • Public Health Pharmacy
    • Pediatric Pharmacy
    • Psychiatric Pharmacy
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Nuclear Pharmacy
    • Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
    • Academia

    Experience Ole Miss Pharmacy

    Want to know more about the School of Pharmacy program's unique experiences and opportunities? Check them out below!

    The University of Mississippi’s Early Entry Pharmacy program provides highly-qualified students with guaranteed seats in the professional pharmacy program upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework. The Early Entry Pharmacy Living Learning Community provides guaranteed housing and adds additional support and a sense of community to the robust program initiatives already in place to help Early Entry Pharmacy students succeed.

    We not only want to see our students successfully enter into the Pharm.D. program at the end of their EE3 (junior) year, but we also want to see them excel academically, personally, and professionally throughout their three years in the Early Entry Program.

    Early Entry students receive advising and are able to join pharmacy organizations within the school. Our doors are always open and our staff is always available to offer any support, advice, encouragement, or resources necessary to meet the needs of our students. 

    • Early Entry 1 Summer Orientation Experience
    • Early Entry 1 Fall Welcome Week Events/Move-In
    • Early Entry Guaranteed Housing in the Living Learning Community
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Early Entry Monthly Assemblies
    • Tutoring
    • Social Events
    • Pharmacy Study Abroad Opportunities
    • Undergraduate Research Opportunities


    Pre-pharmacy students are advised by academic advisors in the Health Professions Advising Office or administrators in the School of Pharmacy who are well-versed in the application and admission process for the professional program.

    The UM School of Pharmacy is committed to having all required pre-pharmacy courses available to Ole Miss pre-pharmacy students. Very few institutions of higher learning in Mississippi offer all required pre-pharmacy courses on a regular basis.

    Pre-pharmacy students can participate in the student body and School of Pharmacy organizational opportunities and activities, such as the Pre-Pharmacy Club, Pharmacy Fiesta, Pharmacy Formal, and Pharmacy Olympics. Students begin their professional development and develop leadership skills through involvement with pharmacy organizations.

    Pre-pharmacy students are provided with free tutoring, time management and study skills, interview skills, and courses specifically for pre-pharmacy students.  Pre-pharmacy students have access to many high-engagement programs and activities. Some of the opportunities students may pursue include: undergraduate research, service learning, volunteer activities, and community-engagement activities. Pre-pharmacy students often elect to apply to the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College.

    • Social activities
    • Tutoring
    • Student Success Support
    • Undergraduate research opportunities

    Have a passion for research? School of Pharmacy students have the opportunity to participate in research projects in conjunction with members of our school's accomplished faculty. For more information contact Dr. Soumyajit Majumdar.

    Pharmacy students may choose to take advantage of the Study Abroad program, traveling to Italy, Ireland, the Dominican Republic or other destinations. For more information about Study Abroad opportunities through the School of Pharmacy, contact Kris Harrell at kharrell@olemiss.edu.
    The School of Pharmacy prides itself on providing ample opportunities for students to engage with the community, such as providing flu shots through Operation Immunization or participation in local community education events.
    Ole Miss Pharmacy is proud to offer students many different platforms to serve as leaders within the school, campus, or even on the national level. Our goal is to help students grow as individuals and professionals, ready to pursue postgraduate education and individualized career paths.
    Headshot of Carmen Price

    My Early Entry Journey

    "Hey, Pham! My name is Carmen Price, and I am a third-year Early Entry student. I chose to interview for Early Entry so I could secure my spot in the professional program going into my freshman year of college. Through the Early Entry program, I have access to resources like specialized study groups, and I can be a part of the various pharmacy student organizations as a professional member. Being a part of the Early Entry program has allowed me to make many connections with professors, classmates, and future colleagues. I chose Ole Miss Pharmacy because of the wonderful faculty and amazing pharmacy Phamily!"

    Carmen Price

    3rd Year Early Entry Student

    Beyond the Classroom

    Lindsey Nell Cooper

    We're Here For You!

    Welcome! I am the coordinator of admissions for the School of Pharmacy, and I am here to help you with whatever you may need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance.

    Lindsey Nell Cooper

    Coordinator of Admissions

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