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The Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy operate on both the Oxford and Jackson campuses. The Schools of Dentistry, Health Related Professionals and Medicine, and the Health Sciences Graduate School, are based in Jackson only. (Additional healthcare programs are available through the School of Applied Sciences on the Oxford campus.) Other than these exceptions, the schools above are on the Oxford campus.

B.B.A. in Marketing

Understand, teach, influence, and captivate consumers

Marketing students learn how to research target audiences, advise on how to develop products for consumer desires, and determine product pricing structure. Students learn to select effective channels to communicate with customers and develop and implement promotional strategies.

Key Benefits

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing is the only accredited program at the University of Mississippi that offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge in market research, consumer behavior, digital marketing, advertising, sales, supply chain management and general marketing.

Graduate Outcomes

If a company cannot effectively sell its products or services, it simply will cease to exist. Whether through direct sales, advertising or marketing, graduates with a BBA in marketing from Ole Miss are crucial to the success of businesses.

Experiences Offered

Students study marketing research to advance their marketing decision-making skills by collecting and analyzing data on customers and competitors in order to assess market conditions and identify sales opportunities. There is no sale without a plan.


Requirements for the major in marketing include the B.B.A. core: Accy 201, 202 (3, 3); Bus 230; Bus 271; Bus 250; Bus 302; Mktg 351; Fin 331; Mgmt 371; Mktg 372; Mgmt 493; MIS 309; 300-level business elective (6); and 300- level business/nonbusiness elective (3).    In addition to the B.B.A. core, the major in marketing requires 24 semester hours beyond the Principles of Marketing (Mktg 351) course and must include the following courses: Mktg 354, 367, 451, 525, and 12 hours from an emphasis in digital marketing, global supply chain management, marketing analytics, or sales. If students choose not to pursue an emphasis, they may take 12 hours of any 300-level or above Mktg course not already required for the major. With department chair approval, a maximum of 3 credit hours of Mktg 395 may be used toward any of the specific emphasis areas listed below.   

Digital marketing emphasis courses:

Mktg 353, Mktg 370, Mktg 381, and either Mktg 371 or Mktg 465   

Global supply chain management emphasis courses:

Mktg 361, Mktg 462, Mktg 475, Mktg 477, or Mktg 488   

Marketing analytics emphasis courses:

Mktg 475, Mktg 488, Mktg 496, and one of the following: Mktg 360, Mktg 381, or Mktg 495.   

Sales emphasis courses:

Mktg 381, Mktg 458, Mktg 495 and one course from the following: Mktg 357, Mktg 358, Mktg 488, or Bus 322.

Students enter the University of Mississippi School of Business as General Business majors and may declare the Marketing major after completing 36 specific hours (See UM Catalog for listing). Student must achieve 2.25 or higher GPA on those 36 hours.

Student Organizations

The Ole Miss chapter of the Student Marketing Association (SMA) offers marketing and public relations services to other student organizations and local businesses in Oxford.