The William Magee Institute for Student Wellbeing


Centralizing the best research to better understand student mental health and substance misuse, then sharing that information with the public through storytelling.

Understanding Student Mental Health and Substance Misuse Through Research

Named for William Magee, an Ole Miss honors student and athlete who died of an accidental drug overdose shortly after his graduation, The William Magee Institute’s mission is to transform and save lives around addiction and substance misuse. A stand-alone institute of the University of Mississippi, The William Magee Institute works to better understand student mental health and substance misuse, then share that information with the public.

Currently, The William Magee Institute houses two sub-organizations. The Triplett Research Center focuses on community-oriented research, while The Mayo Lab, which operates within the Triplett Research Center, focuses on content creation and education. 

The William Magee Institute aims to:

  • Research substance misuse, addiction, mental health, and wellness.
  • Educate parents, educators, and students on new knowledge, approaches, techniques, and ideas for how to help students make necessary behavioral changes to be successful in prevention of addiction and recovery, as part of overall wellness.
  • Support parents, educators, and students with information and resources.
  • Empower students and their families to find lasting joy and mental wellbeing. 
  • Scale and spread The William Magee Institute’s work, resources, and research infrastructure nationally in the next five years.

Who is William Magee? 

portrait of William MageeWilliam Magee was an exceptional student at the University of Mississippi who lost his life to an accidental drug overdose in 2013. In 2019, The William Magee Institute was established at the university, dedicated to preventing similar tragedies by supporting education and research in the mental health and wellness space.


The purpose of The William Magee Institute is to generate knowledge on how we can prevent substance misuse, treat it when and where it is needed, and create communities that are safe for people who are in recovery—to set them up to be successful. 
— Dr. Meagen Rosenthal, Interim Director

Our Work and Reach

Magee Institute Workshop

Centers and Programs

The William Magee Institute partners with several research centers and programs at the University of Mississippi focused on health and wellness.

The Jackie Faser Triplett Center for AOD Research, The Thomas Hayes Mayo Lab, and The William Magee Center for AOD Wellness and Education work together to provide students with a holistic approach to understanding and addressing issues related to alcohol and other drug use.

University partners
Magee Institute Workshop


The William Magee Institute contributes to the advancement of knowledge within the university by sourcing comprehensive, community-driven research focused on substance use and misuse.

Advancing research
Magee Institute Man on Street Interviews


The William Magee Institute partners with an array of professionals that conduct research in varying areas of the mental health and wellness space to ensure all methodology implemented on the ground is robust and holistic.

Professional network
Meagen Rosenthal and Alexis Lee, co-hosts of the Mayo Lab Podcast.

The Thomas Hayes Mayo Lab Podcast

The Mayo Lab Podcast, established in 2023, honors the memory of an Ole Miss student lost to fentanyl poisoning at 21. The podcast features a variety of experts and community members focused on combating stigma and sharing research on mental health and substance misuse among American youth. As a part of The William Magee Institute, The Mayo Lab Podcast aims to empower educators, alumni and students to facilitate vital conversations around mental health and wellness.


Learn more about the podcast

Latest News

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Research News

OXFORD, Miss. – A $5 million grant secured by the University of Mississippi's William Magee Institute for Student Wellbeing is helping the School of Pharmacy tackle addiction stigma in Mississippi's health care system.