Faculty Senators 2020-2021

Senate Chair:Meagen Rosenthal (Pharmacy Administration)
Vice Chair: Phillis George (Higher Education)
Secretary: Angela Green (Writing & Rhetoric)
Past Chair: Brice Noonan (Biology)

Chair of Committee on Academic Instructional Affairs: Corina Petrescu (Modern Languages)
Chair of Committee on Academic Conduct: Kenya Wolff (Teacher Education)
Chair of Committee on Development & Planning: Jon-Michael Wimberly (Mathematics)
Chair of Committee on Finance & Benefits:
Joseph Carlisle (Computer & Information Science)
Chair of Committee on Governance: Daniel Durkin (Social Work)
Chair of Committee on Research & Creative Achievement
: Donna Buckley (Theatre & Film)
Chair of Committee on University Services: Carrie McCormick (Writing & Rhetoric)


Name: Christy Nielson
Email: cnielson@olemiss.edu

Art & Art History
Name: Lauren Cardenas
Email: lgcarden@olemiss.edu

Name: Brad Jones
Email: jonesbw@olemiss.edu

BioMolecular Sciences
Name: Cole Stevens
Email: stevens@olemiss.edu

Chemical Engineering
Name: Alex Lopez
Email: amlopez2@olemiss.edu

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Name: Jim Cizdziel
Email:  cizdziel@olemiss.edu

Civil Engineering
Name: Chris Mullen
Email: cvchris@olemiss.edu

Name: John Lobur
Email: jalobur@olemiss.edu

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Name: Carolyn Higdon
Email:  chigdon@olemiss.edu

Computer & Information Science
Name: Joseph Carlisle
Email:  jcarlis1@olemiss.edu

Name: Vacant

Electrical Engineering
Name: Richard Gordon
Email:  eegordon@olemiss.edu

English (1)
Name: Cristie Ellis
Email:  ceellis2@olemiss.edu

English (2)
Name: Vacant

English (3)
Name: Mary Hayes / Shari Holt
Email:  hayes@olemiss.edu / shodges@olemiss.edu

Name: Kathleen Fuller / Robert Van Ness
Email: kfuller@bus.olemiss.edu / rvanness@bus.olemiss.edu

Name: Lance Yarbrough
Email: ldyarbro@olemiss.edu

Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management
Name: KoFan Lee
Email: klee18@olemiss.edu

Higher Education
Name: Phillis George
Email:  plgeorge@olemiss.edu

History (1)
Name: Mikaela Adams
Email:  mmadams@olemiss.edu

History (2)
Name: Darren Grem
Email:  degrem@olemiss.edu

Journalism (1)
Name: Zenebe Beyene
Email: beyene@olemiss.edu

Journalism (2)
Name: Chip Wade
Email: cwade@olemiss.edu

Name: Charles Stotler
Email: cstotler@olemiss.edu

Leadership & Counselor Education
Name: Many Perryman
Email: perryman@olemiss.edu

Legal Studies
Name: Brian Boutwell
Email: bbboutwe@olemiss.edu

Name: Alex Watson
Email: apwatson@olemiss.edu

Name: Stuart Schafer
Email: sschafer@bus.olemiss.edu

Management Information Systems
Name: Brian Reithel
Email: breithel@bus.olemiss.edu

Name: David Gligor
Email: dmgligor@olemiss.edu

Name: Jon-Michael Wimberly
Email: jwimberl@olemiss.edu

Mechanical Engineering
Name: Aaron Joy
Email: adjoy@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (1)
Name: Julia Bussade
Email: bussade@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (2)
Name: Corina Petrescu
Email: petrescu@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (3)
Name: Whitney Sarver
Email: wasarver@olemiss.edu

Modern Languages (4)
Name: Carmen Sanchis-Sinisterra
Email: msanchis@olemiss.edu

Name: Randy Dale
Email: rndale@olemiss.edu

Nutrition & Hospitality Management
Name: Hyunwoo Joung
Email: hjoung@olemiss.edu

Name: Michael Repka
Email: marepka@olemiss.edu

Pharmacy Administration
Name: Meagen Rosenthal
Email: mmrosent@olemiss.edu

Pharmacy Practice
Name: Jordan Ballou
Email: jmballou@olemiss.edu

Philosophy & Religion
Name: Fei Lan
Email: flan@olemiss.edu

Physics & Astronomy
Name: Joel Mobley
Email: jmobley@olemiss.edu

Political Science
Name: Sue Ann Skipworth
Email: saskipwo@olemiss.edu

Name: Carrie V. Smith
Email: csmith4@olemiss.edu

Public Policy Leadership
Name: Kyle Fritz
Email: kgfritz@olemiss.edu

Social Work
Name: Daniel Durkin
Email: dwdurkin@olemiss.edu

Sociology & Anthropology
Name: Willa Johnson
Email: wjohnson@olemiss.edu

Teacher Education (1)
Name: Tom Brady
Email: tbrady@olemiss.edu

Teacher Education (2)
Name: Kenya Wolff
Email: kewolff@olemiss.edu

Theatre & Film
Name: Donna Buckley
Email: dabuckle@olemiss.edu

Writing & Rhetoric (1)
Name: Jenny Bucksbarg
Email: jabucksb@olemiss.edu

Writing & Rhetoric (2)
Name: Angela Green
Email: akgreen2@olemiss.edu

Writing & Rhetoric (3)
Name: Carrie McCormick
Email: crmccorm@olemiss.edu