Current Faculty Senate Reolutions, Actions and Issues

Faculty Senate Resolutions

May 2021

Student Evaluations of Teaching

December 2020

External Forces (1)

External Forces (2)

March 2019

Relocation of the Confederate Monument

December 2018

Academic Freedom

May 2017

Offering Faculty-Originated Suggestions to Improve Research and Grant Productivity

October 2015

Calling for the Cessation of the Flying of the Current Mississippi State Flag on Campus Grounds

March 2015

Welcoming Contract Negotiations with Chancellor Dan Jones

Calling for the Renewal of the Contract of Chancellor Dan Jones

Insurance Benefits for Same-Sex Partners of University Employees

Fair Family Leave Policy

Transparent Leave Policy

February 2015

On-Campus Childcare

November 2014

Support of Chancellor Dan Jones

April 2014

Revision to Smoke-Free Campus Policy

April 2013

Support for Student Led Efforts to Strike the Title "Colonel Rebel/Colonel Reb"

March 2013

Establishment of an Office of the Ombuds

October 2012

Transparency in Search Processes

May 2010

Campaign for Faculty Initiative

November 2009

Guiding Principles and Proceses

October, 2009

Resolution Supporting Actions of Associated Student Body and Chancellor Jones

Guidelines for Textbook Assignments

April, 2009

Grading Resolution.

Governance Reaffirmation Resolution.

February, 2009

Strategic Planning Council resolution.

April, 2008
Honoring John Williamson.

March, 2008
Daycare resolution.

March, 2008
Faculty Governance resolution.

May, 2007
Campus smoking ban.

October 9, 2007
Textbook resolution.

October 12, 2007
Tolerance resolution.

Senate Executive Committee Resolutions
May, 2007
Requesting Provost to assist with election process for University Standing Committees.

Full Faculty Resolutions
October, 2008 Presidential Debate resolution.

May, 2008
Resolved, that the Faculty of the University of Mississippi at its meeting on May 9, 2008 recognizes with sadness the passing of the following faculty colleagues who were members of our university community:

Georgia S. St. Amand, Biology, Aug. 8, 2006
Billy A. Barrios, Counseling Center/Psychology, Aug. 11, 2006
Carl W. Nabors, School of Accountancy, Sept. 14, 2006
Joseph C. Kiger, History, Sept. 17, 2006
Joseph H. Bruening, Sociology, Sept. 19, 2006
Michael L. Harrington, Philosophy and Religion, Oct. 8, 2006
William R. Reynolds, Geology and Geological Engineering, Dec. 2, 2006
Winthrop D. Jordan, History, Feb. 23, 2007
Michael T. "Miguel" Quevja, Modern Languages, March 15, 2007
William B. Keith, Biology, Nov. 7, 2007
Donald S. Vaughn, Political Science, Dec. 13, 2007
Christine B. Stokes, Dec. 28, 2007
S. Cabell Shull, Economics, March 3, 2008
Ismail Y. Ahmed, Chemistry, April 1, 2008
Roscoe Boyer, Educational Psychology, April 2, 2008
James C. Butler, Library, April 28, 2008

April, 2008
Faculty Senate endorses ASB proposal for student forums and agrees to lend its name as a co-sponsor for the events.

May, 2007
Dr. Robert Albritton appointed to constitute and lead committee to revise Constitution and Bylaws. See May, 2007 minutes.

April, 2008
2008 IHL Presentation Rebalancing State Appropriations
AAUP report on Faculty Compensation

March, 2008
2008 OSAAS Review Approved Report
NCAA Recommendations
NCAA Certification

September, 2007
Honors College Review