Frequently Asked Questions : Box

How do I access my Box account?

To access your account the first time, use a web browser on your computer to visit Once there, select Continue and log in using your UM WebID and password.

After you have signed on the first time, you may prefer using Box with your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.

How much data can I store on Box?

Each account is provisioned with 1 TB of storage space. When you log in to Box from a web browser, you can view the amount of storage space used under the Account heading on the right. On your mobile device using the Box app, you can view the amount of storage space used under app settings.

Any file or folder that you upload or create will count against your usage quota. This includes any files that are placed by you or your collaborators in shared folders created by you. Folders that have collaboration enabled count only against the quota of the folder owner, not the quotas of all collaborators. Your quota usage also includes any files that you may have deleted that are still in the Trash.

For academic or research projects, we understand there may be a need for additional disk resources. Simply request additional disk resources for your Box account so we can review your request.

How secure is Box?

Box meets the requirements to hold both FERPA and HIPAA data. Also, Box can be used to stored instructional data and non-sensitive data. You can share, manage and access your content with confidence. Learn more about Box security features.

NOTE: When sharing Box files and folders, the user is responsible for selecting the appropriate Box security settings to avoid accidental data loss or file modification. Please review the Information Confidentiality/Security Policy for details on the types of data that can be stored on Box.

Who is eligible for a Box account?

All current UM faculty, staff, and students are eligible for a UM Box account.

How long will my Box account be available to me?

Your account will be available as long as you are a current faculty, staff or student at UM.

What information can you provide regarding accessibility and Box?

You can access your Box account using a web browser, through various mobile Box apps and automatically syncing to your computer. When accessing Box through a web browser, consider using these keyboard shortcuts.

To sync with your computer, Box Sync is an application that runs on Windows or Mac OS X platforms. After creating your Box account and installing Box Sync on your computer, you may save documents to the new "Box Documents" folder. Files saved in this folder are automatically synced to Box in the cloud.

What is

Box is a secure, online file sharing and storage service. Content on Box can be accessed from your computer and through iPad, iPhone and Android devices via the Box app. Box content can also be shared internally and externally and can be extended to third party applications. Box is a good resource for storing and sharing files, authoring content, and encouraging collaboration.

Why did UM select Box?

As a member of Internet2, UM is able to take advantage of the Box storage service and special pricing offered through the Internet2 NET+ partnership program. The Net+ Box offering has been customized for university environments. For example, it is both FERPA and HIPAA compliant, it offers collaboration tools valuable in an educational setting, it supports single sign-on through federated identity, and it is accessible from a variety of mobile devices and platforms.

What file formats are supported by Box?

You may upload any file type to the Box website. However, when using Box Sync, there are a few file types that will be ignored or blocked.

How do I get my Dropbox files moved to Box?

Box provides a complete walkthrough to assist you with moving files from Dropbox to Box.

What are the recommended Box apps?

Box maintains an official list of Box apps. Besides the Box apps for mobile devices, we are getting positive feedback concerning Box Sync and Box Edit.

Who do I contact for help with Box?

If you require further assistance, you may call the IT Helpdesk (662-915-5222) or visit the Box online knowledge base at

Where can I find helpful Box videos?

You can find a number of helpful training videos.

What mobile devices are supported?

Box works with any mobile device, giving you remote access to critical content. Box offers native mobile apps for the most popular iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

How does the Box Sync feature work?

Box Sync makes you more efficient and productive. Using the Box sync service, you can eliminate searching for files across multiple devices, emailing files to yourself, and carrying flash drives or similar devices for file storage. Mobile devices do not sync, though you can view files on them through the corresponding device mobile app.

More information about using Box Sync can be found online.

How do I transfer ownership of a folder?

You may have a need to give someone else ownership of a folder. The person receiving ownership must be a collaborator on the folder before you can make him/her the owner. Only the current folder owner can change ownership of the folder. After making the change, you will remain a collaborator on the folder and should have the role of Editor.

  • Go to and login with your WebID and password
  • Click on the folder you want to give away ownership of
  • Click on Folder Options
  • Click on Collaborators
  • Click on the current role of the user you want to give ownership to, change it to "Owner"
  • Click Okay

How do I transfer my Google Drive documents to Box?

Box has instructions on migrating content from Google Apps or Google Drive to Box.

What happens to my Box account when I leave the University of Mississippi?

Student: Once a student account is up for removal, he/she will receive an email notification concerning his/her UM Box account.
1. In the email, the former student will be instructed to add a personal email to his/her UM Box preferences.
2. Twenty three (23) days after the email, the student's UM Box content will be automatically migrated from UM Box to a personal Box account.
3. If step 1 is not performed before step 2, UM cannot resolve. The former student must contact Box customer support.

Employee: Once an employee account is up for removal, he/she will receive an email notification concerning his/her UM Box account. His/her supervisor will be CCed on the email.
1. The former employee will need to manually transfer any personal UM Box files to his/her computer, a personal Box account, another cloud storage site, etc.
2. Twenty three (23) days after the email, the employee's supervisor will be granted co-owner access to the employee's UM Box folder.
3. The supervisor will be notified of the ownership transfer and have approximately 30 days to move the former employee files to a permanent location.

I received a noticed that a former employee's Box account has been migrated to my Box account. What does that mean?

Like other UM accounts, UM Box accounts are routinely archived and deleted after an employee leaves the University of Mississippi. If you received this notice, simply log on to UM Box and view the folder contents mentioned in the notification. If you decide to keep his/her files, we recommend you create a Box folder and then move the contents into your new folder. In some cases, you may need assistance from a colleague with reviewing the content. The solution is to share access with your colleague, using the instructions below within UM Box.

  • Locate the folder, To the right, find the word "Share" and click on it.
  • Fill out the "Invite people" field with the UM email address of your colleague.
  • For Permissions, select "Invite as Co-owner" for the highest access rights.
  • Click the Send button.

Can I connect to UM Box from my computer, similar to attaching an external drive?

Box recommends using Box Drive for this need. When Box Drive is installed, it creates a folder on your computer. Any folders and files you create in the Box Drive folder are automatically synced to your UM Box account. Box Drive will  also sync existing UM Box folders.