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What Is a Parent WebID?

University of Mississippi students can authorize their parents to receive WebIDs. Parent WebIDs give access to the campus wireless network and some of the myOleMiss content and services available to their student. Students have the ability to grant or withdraw parental access to three types of information: Academics, Financial Aid, and View / Pay Bills. The parent's level of access is determined by what the student has assigned. Parents with WebIDs can opt in to receive the same REBALERT emergency text message notifications that students receive.

Students can specify the type of access that parents have:
1. View academic data such as grades, class schedules, and absences.
2. View financial aid rewards.
3. Pay their student's Bursar bill.

How Do I Get a Parent WebID?

Parents cannot receive WebIDs without being authorized by their student. Students must follow these steps in order to authorize their parent to receive a WebID:
1. Log into myOleMiss using their WebID and password.
2. Select the Student tab.
3. Expand the My Profile group under the Student tab.
4. Select Access for Relatives/Guardians on the menu list that expanded down.
5. Add each guardian, checking the appropriate boxes for access desired.

It will take 24 hours for the WebID to become available. When the parent WebID has been created, a text message and email will go out to the mobile number and external email address on record.

Emergency Text Messages

When you receive your Parent WebID, you may follow these steps to sign up for REBALERT emergency text messages:
1. Log in to myOleMiss with your Parent WebID.
2. Under your Parent tab, select My Emergency Comm. Prefs from the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
3. Select the Yes option, and then press Submit.
4. You are now set to receive the same REBALERT text messages as your student.

For additional information on Parent WebIDs, please see the Daily Mississippian article or the Technews blog post.

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