Web Site Hosting

The Office of Information Technology (IT) offers two solutions for website hosting: Google Sites and IT Web server accounts which includes sunset accounts.

Google Sites

As a result of our partnership with Google and Google Apps for Education, Google Sites is a recent addition to IT website hosting options for students and employees. Sites provides an easy-to-use interface to develop Web pages for personal, student organization or classroom needs. Sites can be private, restricted to a limited group or published to the world. Visit go.olemiss.edu to login to Google Sites or find out how to get a UM Gmail account to gain access. Afterwards, get started creating your first Google Site by reading the Beginner's Guide. When you are ready to publicize your site, use the link http://sites.olemiss.edu/google_site_name where google_site_name is the name you chose when creating a Google Site under your UM Gmail account.

IT Web Server Accounts

IT maintains the main campus Web servers which host websites for most UM departments and organizations. Website creation on IT Web servers requires knowledge of HTML or commonly used Web development software (e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver). If you need an IT Web server account, request access by following these steps:

1. Visit www.olemiss.edu/accessrequest and login.
2. From the "Select Type of Account" menu, select "Web Development" for departmental/organizational Web page development or select "Personal Web Page" to request a sunset account.

NOTE: All official websites must comply with the Policy for Official Web pages and the IT Appropriate Use Policy.

Helpful Links

Below are some helpful links to get you started on website development.

1. The UM Web Project - Very Helpful!
2. W3 Schools - Free Web Building Tutorials
3. WebAIM - Accessibility Resources
4. UM Webmaster

An email based discussion list, umweb-l, is available for anyone interested in discussing topics related to UM Web or Web publishing. To subscribe, please send an email message to: umweb-l+subscribe@listserv.olemiss.edu. A subject or message body is not necessary.

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