Clinic for Outreach and Personal Enrichment


The Clinic for Outreach and Personal Enrichment (COPE) serves as the training clinic for the counselor education program at the University of Mississippi. Under the supervision of state licensed counselors, the interns in the clinic provide free mental health care both in person and via telehealth across the state of Mississippi. COPE aligns with the University of Mississippi’s mission to “transform lives, communities, and the world” through our services and the opportunities afforded to others through our outreach efforts.

COPE: Where You Can Find Hope and Healing

Are you looking for a place to talk about your challenges and goals? Do you want to improve your mental health and well-being? Do you want to support a program that trains the next generation of counselors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. COPE is the Clinic of Outreach and Personal Enrichment, a partnership between the University of Mississippi and the community. We offer free counseling services to Mississippi residents of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, or any other emotional challenge, we are here to help you.

Our counselors are graduate students who are supervised by licensed professionals. They are passionate about helping you find hope and healing in your life.

  • Individual counseling: One-on-one sessions with a counselor who will listen to you and help you work on your personal issues.
    • Adult services: Using techniques learned throughout their master’s program in counseling, the counselors at COPE are here to provide a safe, confidential space for you to talk about your concerns. Whether its daily stress or major life events, we are here to support you and walk with you through those challenges.
    • Children services: Through play-based interventions, creative activities, and evidence-based interventions, we help children navigate challenges such as anxiety, behavioral issues, family changes, and trauma. Our goal is to empower each child to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically, laying the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling future.
  • Group counseling: Small group sessions with a counselor and other people who share similar concerns. You can learn from each other and support each other.
  • Family counseling: Sessions with a counselor and your family members. You can improve your communication and relationships with your loved ones.
  • Couples counseling: Sessions with a counselor and your partner. You can enhance your intimacy and resolve your conflicts.

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COPE's counselors are Master's and Ph.D students majoring in Counselor Education at the University of Mississippi. Click on a program to see how you can become a clinical mental health counselor too!
  • Are you a New Client?

    Our new client fillable form is designed to gather essential information to ensure a smooth and personalized start to therapy. With a focus on confidentiality and respect for individual needs, our form streamlines the intake process, enabling our team to better understand and support each client from the outset of their therapeutic journey.

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  • Mental Health Counselors on Campus (MHCOC)

    Mental Health Counselors on Campus (MHCOC) are dedicated master’s interns stationed at each school within local school districts, providing invaluable mental health services to K-12 students.

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  • Get Involved

    At COPE, you can find many involvement opportunities. Whether you're a student or a potential partner, you can make an impact with COPE!

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  • CACREP Accreditation

    How the clinic supports CACREP standards for the department

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Meet our Staff

Our staff members ensure the safety of all COPE clients by overseeing operations and guiding our counselors-in-training towards success.
Richard Balkin

Richard Balkin

  • Chair and Professor of Counselor Education
Erica Montgomery

Erica Montgomery

  • Program Director
Acacia Warren

Acacia Warren

  • Graduate Assistant
Hope Hill

Hope Hill

  • Graduate Assistant