Student in Parking Lot

Welcome to Ole Miss!

To ensure your time on campus is as pleasant as possible, read about required parking passes and designated lots for visitors, students, faculty and staff.

Find out more about parking charges for the upcoming school year by visiting our FAQ 2022-2023 information page.

2022-2023 parking permit fees can be found by visiting our Parking Permit Fees information page.

Save the Date - 2022-2023 Permit Sales

Parking Permit sales for the 2023 academic calendar year begin in July.  Sale of the various permit classification types will be staggered through the month starting with Faculty/Staff permits on July 5th.  For more information and the full listing of classifications and dates see the Save the Date Poster.

Got a New License Plate? Need to Update Your Records!

All permit holders are responsible for keeping their vehicle information up-to-date.  Click on the LICENSE PLATE UPDATE button (upper right of the DPT home page) to update your license plate information for an existing vehicle.  <Click Here> to view the step-by-step process.  If you have a new vehicle and you need to remove an old one from your account, you will need to come to the Parking & Transportation office or email  This will help you avoid receiving a citation in the future. 

Summer Parking, Park-N-Ride, and Buses

Parking During the Summer Beginning May 9th:

Park-N-Ride (whether faculty/staff or student), Student Residential (East, West, Central, Northwest, South, Campus Walk and Residential Garage), Pavilion Garage, SOC, and Commuter permit holders will be allowed to park in any student zone (residential or commuter).

Faculty/staff permit holders will be allowed to park in student residential and commuter designated areas.

All vehicles parked on campus will still require a parking permit.

Park-N-Ride Services During the Summer: 

The Bronze line will continue to operate on a normal schedule Monday-Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm.    The Bronze line will have a reduced capacity but will provide a connection between the increased summer classroom utilization at the Jackson Avenue Center and the main campus.  The Gold and Silver lines will continue to be suspended until at least the start of the Fall Semester.  While the Bronze line will continue to run, Park-N-Ride permit holders (whether faculty/staff or student) may park in any student area of campus including student residential and commuter zones.

City Buses and the Campus Shuttle Rebel Blue Line: 

The city bus lines, including the Yellow, Green, Red (North and South), Blue (East and West), Hathorn Express, and Old-Taylor Road Express lines will operate with reduced capacities.  Please visit the OUT website for details.  The campus shuttle lines, Rebel Blue and Rebel Red, will be suspended for the summer beginning May 9th.

South Oxford Center Connector Shuttle:

The SOC shuttle will not operate beginning Monday, May 9th.  SOC permit holders may park in any student area of campus including student residential and commuter zones.

Please feel free to email for any questions.

Visitor Parking Passes

Visitor Daily permits are priced at $4/day for the 2022 Calendar Year. Daily visitor permits can be purchased in person at the Department of Parking and Transportation main office now located in in Suite A of the South Campus Recreation Center or at the Welcome Center near the entrance to the Circle on University Avenue. Visitors may also purchase a permit for up to 7 days online by following information on <this page>. Visitors wishing to purchase a permit for a longer period of time may purchase a monthly or annual pass in person at DPT's main office. Departmental purchases of permits will continue to be by email requests. Remember, all vehicles brought on to the University campus must have a parking permit. Please feel free to contact our office for any questions - (662) 915-7235 or