Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Recreation Administration (BASRA)

Learn to oversee sports facilities, events, and organizations in corporate, non-profit, and public sectors, including intercollegiate and professional sports.

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About this Program

Sport administration majors specialize in understanding all of the intricate details that go into making professional, college, and community sport and recreation possible—legal issues, facilities planning, operations management, the business of sports, sport marketing communications, sport economics and finance, and programming, just to name a few.

  • Sport recreation prepares students to be future leaders in this large, diverse, and evolving industry. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Sport and Recreation Administration is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Related Profession. Our program combines traditional classroom education with service-learning interdisciplinary approaches and provides a quality academic setting for sport administration majors to learn and prepare for an exciting profession.

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    Program Information

    Program Type



    Area of Study

    Health and Social Services


    4 years


    B.A.S.R.A. in Sport and Recreation Admin

    Program Location




    Sport Administration;
    Recreation Administration

    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Requirements

    See information on the B.A. in Sport and Recreation Administration below. For a full description visit the online catalog.

    Sports administration majors must complete the General Education/Core Curriculum for the School of Applied Sciences.

    An additional 24 hours is required in the following related subjects:

    Course Requirements

    The B.A.S.R.A. degree requires 42-45 semester hours of S.R.A. courses. The following 30-33 hours of course work are required of all sport and recreation administration students:

    *Students are required to complete a 400-hour, capstone internship experience.

    The remaining 12 hours of major course work are taken under the student's chosen area of emphasis: sport administration or recreation administration.

    In addition to the 30-33 hour SRA core, students who select the recreation administration emphasis must complete the following 12 hours of SRA coursework, SRA 262 and 9 hours chosen from:

    All students with the Recreation Administration emphasis must complete one of the following minors:
    • Accountancy
    • Biological Science
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • Education
    • English
    • Geology
    • International Studies
    • Journalism
    • Political Science
    • Professional Writing
    • Psychology
    • Public Policy Leadership
    • Recreational Therapy
    • Religious Studies
    • Sociology
    • A modern language

    Sports admin majors may also choose another minor so long as its approved by the Program Coordinator. 

    In addition to the 30-33 hour SRA core, students who select the sport administration emphasis must complete the following 12 hours of SRA coursework:

    All students with the sport administration emphasis must complete one of the following minors:

    • Accountancy
    • Business Administration
    • Education
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Journalism
    • Professional Writing
    • Public Policy Leadership
    • Recreational Therapy
    Students may also choose another minor so long as its approved by the Program Coordinator.

    The minor (18 hours) in recreational therapy is ideal for students pursuing professions that require skills working with people who have special needs, disabilities, adolescents who are at risk, and older adults.

    The minor is especially suitable for students majoring in degrees that emphasize major components of sport, recreation, health, therapy, or rehabilitation. Admission to the RT minor is competitive: In addition to other university entrance requirements, students must apply for the minor and be accepted. Not all who apply will likely be accepted. Students may apply for the minor in one of two ways:

    • A. Students already matriculating at the university who have completed or are taking Bisc 206-Anatomy and Physiology and SRA 262-Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation may apply for the minor. The application process will consider a student's GPA, motivation, choice of major, writing skills, and maturity.

    • B. Students may apply for direct entry to the program prior to beginning their studies at the University of Mississippi. In addition to gaining regular application to the university, students must apply for the RT minor by completing a Supplemental Application, which can be accessed through the HESRM website. The application process will consider a student's GPA, ACT/SAT scores, motivation, prospective choice of major, writing skills, and maturity. Students must complete each course in the RT minor with a grade of "B” or better and must maintain an overall minimum GPA of 2.75. Students not meeting these requirements may be dropped from the minor.

    Course Requirements

    Choose two of the following:

    * Prerequisite: SRA 262 ** Prerequisite: SRA 262 & 372


    The recreational therapy minor is open to students who have an interest in therapy and rehabilitation professions and are pursuing a degree in recreation, health, exercise sciences, sport, physical education, gerontology, and related professions. It does not fully meet the curricular NCTRC Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) requirements. Students who also complete Human Anatomy and Physiology (Bisc 206) and Abnormal Psychology (Psy 311) and are accepted and complete an approved internship may become eligible for the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist certification upon graduation.

    To successfully complete the Sport Administration Minor, students must complete the following courses:
    • SRA 270: The Business of Sport
    • SRA 311: Sport Marketing
    • SRA 330: Sport Governance and Policy
    • SRA 370: Sport Economics and Finance
    • SRA 425: Design & Maintenance of Facilities
    • SRA 475: Legal Aspects of Sport
    To successfully complete the Recreation Administration Minor, students must complete the following courses:
    • SRA 194: Foundations of Leisure and Recreation
    • SRA 200: Parks and Recreation Programs Leadership
    • SRA 332: Outdoor Recreation
    • SRA 371: Camp Leadership
    • SRA 375: Recreational Sport Programming
    • SRA 380: Current Issues in Travel and Tourism Mgmt

    Combine contemporary evidence-based education with experiential opportunities that prepare you to administer sport and recreation programs and organizations within the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors.

    Sports administration majors will learn and develop sport and recreation program administration competencies to pursue careers in the sport, recreation, tourism, health and related professions.

    Students will get hands-on experience in planning, programming, administering, evaluating, and analyzing sport and recreation programs and organizations.

    Degree options (Internship, Thesis or Non-thesis) allow for specialization based on your personal career goals.

    Undergraduate students interested in graduate study in Sport & Recreation Management can get a head start in earning a graduate degree through the GradSHARK Launch PAAD for Sport & Recreation Management.

    Number of credit hours a student can earn towards the graduate degree while completing their undergraduate studies: 12 credit hours

    Courses* undergraduate students in the Launch PAAD can take to earn credit towards the graduate degree:

    • SRA 511 Applied Statistics
    • SRA 574 Current trends in Therapeutic Recreation
    • SRA 580 Recreational Therapy for Older Adults
    • SRA 503 Data Analytics Methodologies
    • ES 542 Sports Psychology

    *500-level courses only count towards the graduate degree when reserved for graduate credit (graduate level work must be completed to earn graduate credit)

    To qualify, students must:

    • Be a Sport & Recreation Management major
    • Have a 3.0 minimum GPA
    • Have 90 completed credit hours as an undergraduate

    Students must be accepted into the Launch PAAD and complete the requisite GradSHARK Launch PAAD Course Formfor the Graduate School (the form requires approval from your undergraduate advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator for Sport & Recreation Management).

    • After being accepted into the Lanch PAAD, the student will need to complete the GradSHARK Launch PAAD Course Enrollment Form (also known as GS12 Form) each term (students will not officially be registered for graduate courses until the GS12 Form is complete).

    For more information about participation in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD, guidelines, financial aid and available areas of study, please see the GradSHARK Launch PAAD homepage.

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