Bachelor of Arts in German

Become a global professional with superior levels of German skills.

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate at night

"Being a German language major is so much more than just learning a language. It exposes you to a whole new culture and community. There are also so many more opportunities with German from studying abroad to researching in German speaking countries."

Ally Watrous ('24)

B.A. in German and Physics, B.S. in Chemistry

About this Program

The Department of Modern Languages in the College of Liberal Arts offers the B.A. in German. German majors demonstrate the ability to adapt and communicate across cultural divides because they possess not only linguistic competence but the intercultural knowledge of an effective professional in German speaking environments—skills sought by employers in an increasingly global world. 

The program emphasizes composition, conversation, literature, German life and thought across centuries, history, and music. Small class sizes allow the program to be intimate and flexible, giving students the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with fellow classmates and instructors.

The Value of German Proficiency

German is the native language of over 120 million people, which is the largest community in the European Union. German is an international language of business, education, science, and technology. Many of the Western world’s most important works of philosophy, literature, music, art history, theology, psychology, chemistry, physics, engineering and medicine are written in German. Many students learn German to connect with family members and friends.

Related careers to German include:

  • International business
  • Banking
  • Science research
  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Translation
  • Policy analysis
  • Foreign service
  • Cultural affairs
  • Military service
  • Non-profits
  • Health care

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    4 Years


    B.A. in German

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    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Requirements

    See the information below on the German major and minor. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students in the B.A. in German complete 30 credit hours of courses beyond the 200 level, including  at least 3 courses at the 500 level. A maximum of 3 courses may be taken through an approved study abroad program.

    Required courses:

    • Germ 303: Conversation and Composition I
    • Germ 304: Conversation and Composition II
    • Germ 331: Intro to Lit /Literary Analysis in Germ

    7 courses from the following:   

    • Germ 369: Special Topics in Germ
    • Germ 301: Literary Analysis/Germ Literary Hist I
    • Germ 302: Literary Analysis/Germ Literary Hist II
    • Germ 303: Conversation and Composition I
    • Germ 304: Conversation and Composition II
    • Germ 309: Intensive Germ Abroad
    • Germ 310: Intensive Germ Abroad
    • Germ 311: Business German
    • Germ 321: German Culture and Civilization
    • Germ 330: Introduction to German Linguistics
    • Germ 331: Intro to Lit /Literary Analysis in Germ
    • Germ 359: German Cinema
    • Germ 361: German Cinema
    • Germ 390: Grad Rdg Know-Germ
    • Germ 391: Grad Rdg Know-Germ
    • Germ 398: Upper-Level German Study Abroad
    • Germ 399: Special Topics in German
    • Germ 431: German Studies
    • Germ 432: German Studies
    • Germ 503: German Novelle & Roman
    • Germ 504: German Novelle & Roman
    • Germ 505: 20th Century Literature I
    • Germ 506: 20Th Century Lit
    • Germ 507: Advanced Grammar & Composition
    • Germ 508: Adv Grammar/Comp
    • Germ 509: Phonetics & Spoken German
    • Germ 511: Sur Germ Lyric Poetry
    • Germ 513: Pre-Classical Drama
    • Germ 515: Drama in The 19Th Cn
    • Germ 517: Classical & Romantic Lit I
    • Germ 518: The Age of Goethe
    • Germ 519: Hist of Germanic Lang
    • Germ 521: Middle High German Lit
    • Germ 532: German Stu Spec Topics
    • Germ 529: Contemporary German
    • Germ 531: German Studies
    • Germ 545: Intensive Advanced German in Germany
    • Germ 546: Intensive Advanced German in Germany
    • Germ 551: Germ Lit in Engl Trans
    • Germ 553: German Civil/Culture
    • Germ 561: Advanced Topics in German Cinema
    • Germ 571: Advanced Grammar and Composition
    • Germ 572: German Phonetics and Phonology
    • Germ 574: History of the German Language
    • Germ 575: Topics in Applied Linguistics
    • Germ 577: Survey of German Lit. & Culture I
    • Germ 578: Survey of German Lit. & Culture II
    • Germ 584: The Age of Goethe
    • Germ 585: Nineteenth-Century German Literature
    • Germ 586: Twentieth-Century Literature & Culture
    • Germ 587: German Fairy Tales
    • Germ 593: Topics in Cultural Studies
    • Germ 598: Advanced German Study Abroad
    • Germ 599: Special Topics
    A minor in German requires the completion of Germ 303 and 304 (German Conversation and Composition I and II), and 3 courses at the 300 level or above. A maximum of 3 courses for the minor may be taken through an approved study abroad program.


    Connect with a German Major

    Ally Watrous

    Ally Watrous

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    What has been one of your most memorable moments at UM?

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    Calloway Bills

    Calloway Bills

    • Greek Life
    • Service and Community Engagement

    Why is the Department of Modern Languages a special place?

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    Double Major: German and International Studies

    Enhance your German degree with a B.A. in International Studies, an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the connections between politics, economics, and culture at the international level. 

    Students in the Croft Institute: 

    • Have access to small, discussion-based Croft courses with the Institute's professors who foster discussion, reflection and analysis.
    • Specialize in a foreign language and study abroad for at least one semester in a country where that language is spoken.
    • Can apply to Croft Scholars program, a prestigious scholarship which can be combined with other forms of financial assistance.



    Choosing a Minor or Second Major

    Combine your German major with many other subjects based on your interests and career goals.

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