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The Department of Modern Languages in the College of Liberal Arts offers the minor in Korean. Students can take four full years of instruction, making UM one of a select few universities with such a comprehensive program.

Korea has a vision for the future of cities in the world and as such is promoting two futuristic themes: the Korean Wave of Culture (Hallyu) and the Korean Wave of Economy. We can already see these themes among teenagers and young adults in Latin America, India, and the West where young adults enjoy K[Korean]-pop, K-drama and K-video games, and where they have become acutely interested in South Korean fashion and lifestyles, as well as using cutting-edge Korean products. Being able to speak and understand the Korean language is thus a tool for understanding and using this “soft” power.

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    Academic Requirements

    See information below on the minor in Korean.

    Students in the Korean minor complete 15 credit hours of Korean courses at the 200 level or above. A maximum of 9 credit hours may be taken through an approved study abroad program.

    • Kor 211: Intensive Intermediate Korean I
    • Kor 212: Intensive Intermediate Korean II
    • Kor 298: Intermediate Korean Study Abroad
    • Kor 299: Special Topics in Korean
    • Kor 301: Advanced Korean I
    • Kor 302: Advanced Korean II
    • Kor 398: Upper-Level Korean Study Abroad
    • Kor 399: Special Topics in Korean
    • Kor 401: Conversation and Composition I
    • Kor 402: Conversation and Composition II

    Korean and International Studies 

    Enhance your study of Korean with a B.A. in International Studies, an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the connections between politics, economics, and culture at the international level. 

    Students in the Croft Institute: 

    • Have access to small, discussion-based Croft courses with the Institute's professors who foster discussion, reflection, and analysis.
    • Specialize in a foreign language and study abroad for at least one semester in a country where that language is spoken.
    • Can apply to Croft Scholars program, a prestigious scholarship which can be combined with other forms of financial assistance.

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