Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

Exercise Science offers intensive training in physiology, biochemistry, bioenergetics, biomechanics, and kinesiology.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science students work together in the Applied Physiology Lab.

About this Program

The Bachelor's in Exercise Science at Ole Miss prepares students for a broad range of health and fitness related professions through a curriculum that focuses on exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor control, and the psychology of exercise behavior. 

Exercise science majors learn the most contemporary issues and trends in the application of exercise for weight management, cardiopulmonary health, maintenance of functional movement throughout the lifespan, and the application of exercise science to athletic performance.

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    Program Information

    Program Type



    Area of Study

    Health and Social Services


    4 year program


    B.S.E.S. in Exercise Science

    Program Location



    Exercise Physiology;
    Exercise Biomechanics Motor Control;
    Exercise Behavior

    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Requirements

    See information below on the Exercise Science major. For a full description visit the online catalog.

    Students in this major must take either

    Math 121: College Algebra and Math 123: Trigonemtry (6 hours) or Math 125: basic Mathematics for Science and Eng. (3 hours) or Math 261: Unified Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (3 hours) to fulfill the core curriculum requirement of "Math 121: College Algebra or more advanced."

    E.S. majors must take Bisc 206:Human Anatomy and Physiology I  (a minimum grade of C- is required) and Chem 103: Survey of Chemistry I or Chem 105: General Chemistry I and the Chem 115 lab to satisfy the core curriculum science requirement.

    The B.S.E.S. degree requires an additional 30 hours in the following related subjects:

    The B.S.E.S. degree requires 43 semeser hours of professional courses, inlcluding 34 hours of E.S. core courses. 

    Core courses include: 

    Students must also complete 9 hours of professional electives, which can include:

    The 4+1 in Exercise Science is designed to save you money and time while earning credit toward a graduate degree, the 4+1 GradSHARK Launch PAAD program offers our outstanding, advanced undergraduates the opportunity to begin earning credit towards a graduate degree while they complete the final requirements for their undergraduate degree.

    Studentcs can earn 12 credit hours towards their graduate degree while completing their undergraduate studies. 

    Courses that qualify for graduate hours include:

    *500-level courses only count towards the graduate degree when reserved for graduate credit (graduate level work must be completed to earn graduate credit)

    To qualify, students must:

    • Be an exercise Science major
    • Have a 3.0 minimum GPA
    • Have 90 completed credit hours as an undergraduate

    Students must be accepted into the Launch PAAD and complete the requisite GradSHARK Launch PAAD Course Form for the Graduate School.

    For more information about participation in the GradSHARK Launch PAAD, guidelines, financial aid and available areas of study, please see the GradSHARK Launch PAAD homepage.


    The biomechanics minor is designed for individuals with backgrounds in engineering, kinesiology, human movement sciences, health, medicine, and other health to kinesiology related areas, who are seeking an advanced understanding of biomechanics. The biomechanics minor covers musculoskeletal anatomy, functional kinesiology, injury evaluation and treatment, biomechanics instrumentation, and sports and occupational biomechanics, therapeutic interventions, and medical device development.

    The minor consists of the following courses:

    What does Exercise Science look like in the job market?


    Median income for Fitness Program Directors in 2022.


    Median income for a Message Therapist in 2022.


    Jobs for Athletic Coaches in 2022.


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    Hannah  Olive

    Hannah Olive

    • Service and Community Engagement

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    What can you do with an exercise science degree?

    • Athletic Trainer
    • Exercise Physiologist
    • Fitness Instructor
    • Kinesiotherapist
    • Athlete
    • Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Health and Wellness Director
    • Corporate Wellness Specialist

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