Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Combine your technical and people skills.

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“I have enjoyed the variety of classes, and the BA degree path has shown me how computer science can intertwine with other subjects. I look forward to using my STEM major in fields such as public relations, marketing, or web development. I know that there are many opportunities out there being a woman in computer science, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Annie Walsh (B.A in Computer Science '21)

Junior Software Engineer, Revv Fundraising Platform

About this Program

The Department of Computer and Information Science in the School of Engineering offers the B.A. in Computer Science for students in the College of Liberal Arts. Students conduct rigorous study of processes carried out by computers. They learn how to define these processes and encode them through such tasks as

  • determining what result is needed (systems analysis),
  • developing efficient and flexible software to encode processes (algorithm design, programming, and software engineering), and 
  • organizing the data needed and generated by processes (data structures and database management).

B.A. vs. B.S.

Students can choose between the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science offered through the College of Liberal Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offered through the School of Engineering.  

  • The Bachelor of Arts degree allows greater compatibility with other areas of study, has a wider and deeper general education foundation, and requires a minor field of study or double major. It requires fewer math courses than the B.S. degree yet students who want more mathematics could select to minor or double major in math and have more than the B.S. degree requires. 
  • The more specialized Bachelor of Science degree requires more mathematics and science. The B.S. degree is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

The Value of a Computer Science Degree

Computer scientists work in almost every industry because computing is the glue that holds much of contemporary science, technology, commerce and entertainment together. Students pursuing the B.A. in Computer Science gain the key communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills that are desired by today’s employers - as well as the core technical computer science skills.  

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    Program Information

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    Area of Study

    Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology


    4 Years


    B.A. in Computer Science

    Program Location


    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Information

    See the information below on the computer science major and minor. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students in the B.A. in Computer Science complete 37 credit hours of computer science courses as well as 12 hours of courses outside of computer science. 

    • CIS 111: Computer Science I OR CIS 113: Honors Computer Science I
    • CIS 112: Computer Science II
    • CIS 211: Computer Science III
    • Csci 223: Computer Org. & Assembly Language
    • Csci 300: Social Responsibility in Computer Science
    • Select one of the following
      • Csci 423: Introduction to Operating Systems
      • Csci 450: Organization of Programming Languages
      • Csci 475: Introduction to Data Base Systems
    • Csci 433: Algorithm and Data Structure Analysis
    • 15 additional hours of CIS or Csci at the 300 level or above.
    • Csci 487: Senior Project

    Courses Outside of Computer Science:

    • Math 261:Unified Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
    • Math 301: Discrete Mathematics
    • Math 375: Introduction to Statistics I OR Econ/Bus 230: Economic Statistics I 
    • Spch 102: Fundamentals of Public Speaking OR Spch 105: Business and Professional Speech

    The minor in computer science enables students to develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts and techniques of computing science. Students thus can enhance their studies in other disciplines by adding a dimension of algorithmic thinking and developing practical computational skills useful in many areas of contemporary society.

    A minor in computer science consists of 18 hours of computer science courses including

    • CIS 111: Computer Science I OR CIS 113: Honors Computer Science I
    • CIS 112: Computer Science II
    • CIS 211: Computer Science III
    • 3 credit hours at the 200 level or above
    • 6 hours at the 300 level or above

    What can I do with a B.A. in Computer Science?

    • Senior Manager, Apple
    • Software Developer, Bank of America
    • Sr. Tech Support Engineer, Unum Insurance
    • Software Engineer, Chevron
    • Owner, Thigpen Consulting
    • Sr. Programming Analyst, Whole Foods
    • Engineering Systems Analyst, Fed Ex
    • Research Scientist, Georgia Tech
    • Software Engineer, Raytheon
    • Director of IT, Baptist Memorial Health Care
    • IT Helpdesk Analyst, Fisher Investments
    • Senior Program Manager, Ericsson
    • Network Engineering Manager, King & Spalding
    • Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin
    • Programmer, U.S. Air Force
    • Technical Writer, Verizon
    • Web Coordinator, Viking Range Corporation

    Choosing your Minor or Double Major

    Bachelor of Arts students must choose a minor (or double major). Combine your study of computer science with many other subjects based on your interests and career goals.

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