Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Explore the history, cultures, politics, and economies of the world. Study abroad and develop fluency in one of eight languages.

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About this Program

The Croft Institute is home to the major in international studies— an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the intensive study of the languages, cultures, and economies of the world. With small classes, dedicated professors, and a strong community, Croft prepares students to become global citizens—aware of the world and engaged in an international community.

Croft offers a curriculum that includes surveys of East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, at the lower-division level, and specialized topics classes at the upper-division level. Students choose both a thematic and a regional concentration. Croft is responsive to global trends and the diverse interests of students, offering innovative courses on the issues that will shape the 21st century. Students develop both qualitative and quantitative analysis skills and learn how to conduct innovative, original research.

To major in International Studies at the University of Mississippi, students must apply and be formally admitted to the Croft Institute by completing the UM Special Programs and Scholarships Application.

Students must complete the Special Programs and Scholarships Application and be formally accepted into the Croft Institute for International Studies

Foreign Language

International Studies majors learn one foreign language offered through Croft and take courses in that language every semester.

The Croft Institute for International Studies relies on the University of Mississippi's Department of Modern Languages to ensure that its students receive high-quality, oral proficiency-oriented language instruction. Students choosing Arabic or Chinese, are encouraged to apply for the Flagship program.

When you graduate, you can live, study, and do business in your chosen language.

Study Abroad

Students are required to study abroad, for either a semester or a whole year, in a country whose language they have been studying at Croft. Students enroll in both language courses and topics courses on their region and theme.  Many students have the opportunity to enroll in courses with students from their host communities. The semester or year spent abroad is the experience of a lifetime, a time of intense personal and intellectual growth.

Senior Thesis

All international studies majors write a senior thesis in their final two semesters. They work closely with a faculty mentor to plan and carry out a substantial research project.


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    Program Information

    Program Type



    Area of Study



    4 years


    B.A. in International Studies

    Program Location



    East Asia;
    Latin America;
    Middle East;
    Global Economics and Business;
    Global Health;
    International Governance and Politics;
    Social and Cultural Identity

    Required Credit Hours


    Degree Requirements

    Find the degree requirements for the International Studies major and minor below. For more information, please visit the academic catalog

    Students in the B.A. in International Studies complete 16 courses from one regional and two thematic concentrations of their choice. 

    Regional concentrations and related foreign languages:

    • East Asia—Chinese, Japanese or Korean
    • Europe—French, German, Russian, or Spanish
    • Latin America—Spanish
    • Middle East and North Africa—Arabic

    Thematic concentrations:

    • Global Economics and Business
    • Global Health
    • International Governance and Politics
    • Social and Cultural Identity 


    • Inst 101. Intro to International Studies 
    • Inst 200. Thinking Globally 
    • Two introductory regional courses (one in regional concentration area)
      • Inst 201. African Studies
      • Inst 203. East Asian Studies
      • Inst 205. European Studies
      • Inst 207. Latin American Studies
      • Inst 209. Middle Eastern Studies 
    • Two study abroad preparation and debriefing courses
      • Inst 110. Intercultural Communication – Pre-departure
      • Inst 111. Intercultural Communication – Re-entry
    • Two regional concentration courses at the 300-level or higher
    • Two thematic concentration courses at the 300-level or higher
    • Inst 381. Research Methods for INST Majors
    • Three elective courses at the 300-level or higher selected  
    • Two courses for the Senior Thesis 
      • Inst 421. Research Seminar I
      • Inst 422. Research Seminar II
    • Inst 431. Oral Proficiency Interview (0 hours) 

    See Croft website for the approved lists of courses.  

    Any student at the University of Mississippi can minor in international studies. Students do not have to apply to the Croft Institute to declare international studies as their minor. 

    A minor in international studies consists of 18 credit hours, including

    • Pol 102: Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • 15 hours of 300-level (or higher) course work selected from Inst-designated courses.  
    • 3 hours of 300-level course work in a modern language with a minimum grade of C.


    Connect with an International Studies Major

    Perla Arellano

    Perla Arellano

    Why did you choose to attend UM?

    See Perla’s Answer
    Kappy Eastman

    Kappy Eastman

    • Service and Community Engagement
    • Student Publications

    Why did you choose international studies?

    See Kappy’s Answer

    Choosing an Optional Minor or Double Major

    International Studies students may select an optional minor or double major based on their interests or career goals. Given the intensive language instruction, it is common to double major in their selected foreign language. 

    What can I do with an international studies degree?

    • Assistant Director of Admissions at Tulane University School of Architecture
    • Legal Clerk for the Federal Court System in Oxford, MS
    • Global Media Relations Specialist for FedEx
    • Project Engineer Associate at Lockheed Martin
    • Resident of General Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine
    • Emergency Management Specialist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Assistant Professor at the Copenhagen Business School
    • Senior Program Associate, Afghanistan and Asia for Internews Network
    • Program Coordinator for Working Landscapes
    • Associate Director of Berkeley Research Group LLC
    • Research Manager at DeltaMV in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Producer at Fox Business Network
    • Deputy Country Representative for USAID: United States Agency for International Development in Bogota, Columbia
    • Interim Chief Executive Officer for Dekel Holdings in Panama City, Panama
    Sederia Gray portrait

    Why Choose a B.A. in International Studies at Croft?

    “Croft has afforded me the opportunity to learn about the diverse world that we live in through study abroad programs, lecture series, and top caliber instruction.  My company competes in an international market with global competitors.  The lessons I learned at the Croft Institute prepared me for my corporate career.  Not only did I gain invaluable knowledge in international studies, but I formed long lasting friendships.  The opportunities to expand your knowledge and cultural experience are endless at the Croft Institute.”

    Sederia Gray

    Global Media Relations for FedEx in Washington, D.C.

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