Minor in Digital Media Studies

Equip yourself with digital computing, design, and communication skills.

Students look at digital media displayed on a phone.

"The DMS minor set me apart in digital marketing and storytelling. While my major taught me how to tell a story and develop a brand, the minor gave me the ability to not only tell the story, but visually create it all as well."

Katie Krouse (B.S. Integrated Marketing Communications, minor in DMS '17)

Director of Online Sales and Marketing, Lulu's Oxford

About this Program

The College of Liberal Arts offers the interdisciplinary minor in Digital Media Studies. This minor is housed in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric and draws upon faculty expertise from computer science, digital arts, professional writing, digital marketing, digital humanities, and more.

Students select one of the emphasis areas:

  • Computing Emphasis
  • Digital Arts Emphasis
  • Digital Communications Emphasis
  • Generalist Emphasis

It empowers students to develop basic web-authoring and programming skills, to critically evaluate digital information, and to apply digital skills and knowledge in multiple fields. It fits with many existing majors by addressing the emerging demand for digital skills in many different careers such as web development, business data analytics, computational art, digital graphic design, data visualization, Internet and social-media marketing, and mobile application development.

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    Program Information

    Program Type


    Area of Study

    Interdisciplinary Programs


    Program Location



    Computing Emphasis;
    Digital Arts;
    Digital Communications;

    Required Credit Hours


    Academic Requirements

    See information below on the Minor in Digital Media Studies. For a full description, visit the online catalog

    Students in the Minor of Digital Media Studies complete 18 credit hours of courses. They select four courses from the chosen emphasis area. 

    Required Core

    • DMS 101: Intro to Digital Media Studies
    • Csci 203: Intro to Computational Media OR Csci 256: Programming in Python

    Computing Emphasis (choose 4)

    • CSCI 256: Programming in Python
    • CSCI 343: Fundamentals of Data Science
    • Two of the following:
      • Csci 333: Digital Design and 3-D Printing
      • Csci 343: Fundamentals of Data Science
      • Csci 354: Web Programming
      • Csci 356: Data Structures in Python
      • Csci 443: Advanced Data Science
      • Csci 444: Information Visualization
      • Csci 447: Immersive Media
      • Csci 458: Mobile Application Development
      • Csci 475: Introduction to Database Systems
      • DMS 401: Digital Media Studies Practicum

    Digital Arts Emphasis (choose 4)

    • Art 110: Digital Media Foundations
    • Art 201: Digital Imaging
    • Art 361: Graphic Design I (Typography)
    • Art 364: Web Design I
    • Art 461: Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration
    • Art 465: Web Design II
    • Art 381: Beginning Imaging Arts
    • Art 382: Intermediate Photography
    • Art 383: Intermediate Imaging Arts
    • Art 384: Digital Video I
    • Art 481: Advanced Photography
    • Art 483: Advanced Imaging Arts
    • Art 484: Advanced Digital Video
    • Art 581: Black-And-White Photography
    • Art 583: Digital Photography
    • Art 584: Digital Video
    • DMS 401: Digital Media Studies Practicum

    Digital Communications Emphasis (choose 4)

    • IMC 305: Visual Communication
    • IMC 349: 3-D Modeling
    • IMC 473: Motion Graphics
    • IMC 524: Designing Interactivity
    • Jour 102: Introduction to Multimedia Writing
    • Jour 273: Creative Visual Thinking
    • Jour 345: Digital Diversity
    • Writ 350: Digital Writing
    • Writ 415: Digital Rhetoric
    • DMS 401: Digital Media Studies Practicum

    Generalist Emphasis (choose 4)

    Choose from at least two of the above emphases.

    Enhance your Academic Experience with an Internship

    According to national surveys, employers are more likely to hire college graduates who have: 

    • had professional internships, 
    • worked with people from diverse backgrounds on community service, 
    • collaborated with peers on projects, 
    • taken multiple courses with significant writing,
    • produced a senior project or thesis, and
    • studied abroad.

    These experiences are about core liberal arts skills of thinking, communicating, interpersonal skills, and understanding the world around us. Showcase and enhance these skills in an internship opportunity for that first step into the professional world. 

    We encourage students in the Digital Media Studies minor to combine coursework with hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

    Your Major + Digital Media Studies Minor

    Students in the Digital Media Studies Minor can pair it with a wide variety of majors on campus. Here are some popular combinations.

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