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Mississippi & Presidential Elections

Washington & Lincoln

Taft's Trip to Mississippi

Woodrow Wilson

FDR & Senator Pat Harrison

W.T. Marshall Collection

JFK & The University of Mississippi

Nixon & Ford

Willie Morris Collection


Presidential Signed Documents

Presidents and the Blues

Presidential Deaths

Photograph of Exhibition Bookcase


James Kelleway designed and developed the website for the online exhibit. Leigh McWhite curated installation of the original 2008-2009 installation with the assistance of Ellie Campbell, Greg Johnson, and Jennifer Ford. As Head of Special Collections, Ford also provided financial support for the physical exhibition. McWhite coordinated content, scans, and photographs for the web exhibit with the assistance of Greg Johnson and Amanda Bennett.

Photograph of Exhibition Bookcase

Serving as the entrance to the online exhibit, the “Hail to the Chief!” exhibit poster is the work of graphic designer Amy Howell. Dr. Gloria Kellum (Vice Chancellor for University Relations) supplied funding for the poster. Tony Tallerico and the Topps Baseball Card Company granted copyright permission for the use of their images.

Introduction Index Resources Credits