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1932 Democratic Ticket

The nation had plunged into the depths of the Great Depression prior to the 1932 election. Needless to say, incumbent Herbert Hoover proved unpopular with voters, and all nine of Mississippi’s electoral votes were cast for Democratic nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt who promised a “New Deal” to improve the economy.

Within Mississippi, the state Democratic Party also resorted to its traditional appeal that a vote for the opposition would open a “wedge … for negro participation in White Democratic Primaries.” The only slogan advertised on the Mississippi Democratic ticket read “The welfare of the white people of Mississippi requires that you vote a straight Democratic ticket.”

Mississippi Democratic Party Election Ticket

1932 Democratic Ticket 1932 Democratic Ticket

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Letter from Billy Snyder, State Democratic Party, to G.W. Armstrong

Letter from Billy Snider, Secretary of [Mississippi] State Democratic Party, to G.W. Armstrong.

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