Minor in Museum Studies

Explore the world of museums and contribute to humanity’s cultural legacy.

Two women on ladders hold up two sides of a painting to hang it on a gallery wall. Women's backs are turned to the camera.

"Museums are a foundation stone for our culture. You’ll be able to engage with them in ways you never thought you could."

Caleb Whittington (B.A. in Classics, minors in Anthropology and Museum Studies, '22)

Graduate Student in Museum Studies, Florida State University

About this Program

The College of Liberal Arts offers the interdisciplinary minor in Museum Studies. It is an interdisciplinary field that explores the world of museums, from collections and exhibitions, to education, archives, research, and more.

Faculty from anthropology, art, art history, classics, history, and Southern Studies as well as staff at the UM Museum contribute to this program of study. Students are introduced to museum history and practice, affording the opportunity to explore career paths in museums, public history, and public humanities.

The Museum Studies minor provides opportunities for students to visit museums and historical sites across the US and abroad. Students can also gain hands-on experience through internships with museums.

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    Area of Study

    Interdisciplinary Programs


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    Required Credit Hours


    Academic Requirements

    See information below on the Museum Studies minor. For a full description, visit the online catalog.

    Students in the Museum Studies minor complete 18 credit hours of courses.   

    Required course - select one of the following:

    • Muse 201: Introduction to Museum Practice
    • AH 412: History of Museums

    4 elective courses (2 must be outside the students major discipline):

    • AH 412: History of Museums
    • ART 414: Exhibition Design
    • ANTH 320: Archaeozoology
    • ANTH 405: Human Osteology
    • ANTH 413: Public Archaeology
    • ANTH 375/CLC 375: Digital Archaeology
    • CLC 360: Archaeological and Museum Ethics
    • CLC 415: Studying Ancient Artifacts
    • HST 460: Public History
    • HST 461: History on Location
    • HST 463: Public History Practicum
    • HST 465: Digital History
    • Muse 199: Introductory Topics in Museum Studies
    • Muse 201: Introduction to Museum Practice (offered every fall)
    • Muse 301: Fundraising for Museums
    • Muse 360: Museums on Location
    • Muse 395: Topics in Museum Studies
    • Muse 398: Topics in Museum Studies Abroad
    • SST 110: Slavery and the University
    • SST 556: Heritage Tourism in the South
    • Muse 401: Internship/Practicum in Museum Studies
    • AH 308: Art History Internship
    • CLC 401: Internship in Classics
    • HST 463: Public History Practicum
    • HST 493: Undergraduate History Internship
    Kariann Fuqua's professional portrait.

    A Word from the Director

    "Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the world of museums and all they encompass collections, exhibitions, education, archives, research, and more. Our faculty from five departments—Art and Art History, Anthropology and Sociology, Classics, History, and Southern Studies—teach a broad range of courses to introduce students to the history and culture of museums and their basic functions as well as current topics and issues facing museums today."

    Kariann Fuqua

    Director of the Museum Studies Minor

    How Can I Enhance My Minor in Museum Studies?

    Expand your opportunities with an internship. According to national surveys, employers are more likely to hire college graduates who have: 

    • had professional internships, 
    • worked with people from diverse backgrounds on community service, 
    • collaborated with peers on projects, 
    • taken multiple courses with significant writing,
    • produced a senior project or thesis, and
    • studied abroad.

    These experiences are about core liberal arts skills of thinking, communicating, interpersonal skills, and understanding the world around us. Showcase and enhance these skills in an internship opportunity for that first step into the professional world. 

    We encourage students in Museum Studies to combine coursework with these hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. For example, our students complete museum internships, travel to New York with faculty for a Museums on Location course, and collaborate with peers to install exhibits on campus. 

    Your Major + Museum Studies

    Museum Studies can pair with a wide variety of majors on campus. Here are some likely combinations.

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