Frequently Asked Questions : Telecommunications

How do I activate my telephone line?

Email; include name, student ID number, contact phone number, and room location. You may also call 662-915-5922. A phone will not be provided with an activated phone line.

How do I get my telephone number?

Dial 8888 from the phone and a recording will tell you the number from which you are calling.

How do I dial off campus?

Always dial 9 and then the number to make calls off campus. You do not need to dial the area code when calliing local (Oxford) numbers.

How do I call long distance?


Email to request a long distance access code; include name, student ID number, contact phone number, and room location. Your long distance calls will be billed to your Bursar account.


Visit Request Services to apply for a department or personal long distance code.

What kind of TV should I bring to campus?

The University does not recommend a specific size or brand of TV for the campus cable systems. However, there are certain specifications your TV should meet:

What do I do if I am not receiving cable channels?

First check the University TV specifications. If your television has the required QAM tuner, follow these instructions on how to program your TV,

What channels are offered in my residence hall?

The Entertainment Basic package is active in all residential housing. To view the full channel line-up, visit

How do I sign up for extra cable TV channels?

Visit to sign up for the Entertainment Plus package.

Do I need to cancel my cable package at the end of each semester?

No, services are automatically turned off at the end of each semester.

If I withdraw from Ole Miss, do I need to cancel my cable?

Yes, if you signed up for the Entertainment Plus package. To cancel your service, visit Cable TV service will be charged if the service is not canceled.

My phone line/internet is not working. What do I do? (Employee Only)

Submit a SAP notification for all phone line/internet installations or issues. If you do not have SAP access, visit

How do I request voicemail for my phone line? (Employee Only)

Visit and click on Request Services.

For information on voicemail features, visit

I forgot my voicemail password or my password won't work. What do I do? (Employee Only)

Call Telecommunications at ext. 5922 to reset your voicemail password.