Student in Parking Lot

Special Parking Accommodations (ADA/Handicap/Medical)


If any faculty/staff or student is in need of special parking accommodations due to a medical situation, they may opt to obtain a state-issued handicap hangtag.  This will assist them with parking on and off campus.

Mississippi-Issued Handicap Hangtag

Students may obtain a Mississippi temporary or permanent handicap hangtag regardless of whether they are from Mississippi, from out-of-state, and/or their attending physician is out-of-state.  Whether the hangtag will be issued as a temporary or permanent basis will be up to the physician. 

To begin the process of obtaining a Mississippi handicap hangtag, there is a standard form used by the State of Mississippi – Mississippi Disabled Parking Application (go to Disabled Parking Application Form via the State of Mississippi Department of Revenue website) – that is to be filled out by the attending physician.  Thereafter this form is to be submitted to a County Tag Office in Mississippi.   The form may be faxed to the physician and to the Tag Office.  The handicap hangtag is issued at no cost.  If in Oxford, contact the Lafayette County Tag Office.

Lafayette County Tag Office
Chancery Building – First Floor
North Lamar
Oxford, MS  38655
662-234-6006 office
662-238-7992 fax

The person to whom a handicap hangtag is issued is entitled to special parking privileges in areas designated for disabled persons whenever this person is the driver or a passenger in the vehicle that displays this hangtag.

A faculty/staff or student with a state-issued handicap hangtag must also register with DPT and be issued a University parking permit.  Both the parking permit and the handicap hangtag must be displayed in order to be allowed to park in:

  • Any handicap designated parking place on campus
  • Any legally marked parking place on campus that is not reserved by posted signage (i.e., special reserved faculty/staff parking places, service vehicle only places, etc.)

Word of caution – blue painted hash-mark areas adjacent to handicap spaces and blue painted wheelchair ramps or curb cuts are not handicap parking spaces.  Vehicles parked in these areas will be considered illegally parked and will be ticketed even if a handicap hangtag is visible on the vehicle.

Medical Hangtag

Students who need special parking accommodations due to mobility problems involving 30 days or less may receive a 30-day temporary hangtag referred to as a medical hangtag from DPT that will enable them to park in regular faculty/staff parking and on the Lyceum Circle areas after first obtaining an authorization slip from Student Health Services in the V.B. Harrison Health Center.

A short-term medical hangtag permits students to park in regular faculty/staff parking places (except special reserved faculty/staff parking places) and on the Lyceum Circle, but not handicap designated parking places, special posted Reserved Parking places, or the Alumni Center visitor lot.  A student is charged a nominal fee by DPT for a medical hangtag.

If the need for special parking accommodations exceeds 30 days, students should contact a State/County Tax Collector Office to receive a state-issued temporary (less than 6 months, generally) handicap permit discussed above.