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Personal Data Retention Policy

The Department of Parking and Transportation at the University of Mississippi utilizes license plate recognition hardware and software “LPR” for parking enforcement and access control.  LPR data is collected on the University of Mississippi Oxford streets and parking lots which include remote locations such as the South Oxford Center and the Jackson Avenue Center. 

Vehicle information is routed to secure servers and is not shared with other departments or outside agencies. The use of data collected by LPR systems is for parking enforcement and Law enforcement investigation. 

Information collected consists of an image of a vehicle’s license plate, an overview or context image of the vehicle from the drive-lane by the passing LPR-equipped enforcement equipment, and a logic-based interpretation of the alpha-numeric values of the license plate.  Only in the case of an enforceable violation are the images transferred to other devices or servers where it serves as evidence of the violation.  All images and related data not associated with a citation is purged from the LPR-related systems within 30 days and no records are kept.    

Data related to an enforced violation/citation is transferred and archived within the parking management systems contracted for use by the University.  Citation-related data will be kept for a minimum of seven years.


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