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Campus Events Service

As many know, our campus has grown over the last few years.  This can lead to issues when scheduling events on campus.  How do we manage the event in a way that gives the best reflection of your department and the university?  When planning events most hosts only focus on the event itself.  However, we need to look at the event beginning when the attendees arrive on campus:

  • Do we have the proper signs posted?  Have we sent them driving and parking instructions along with a map to show the best parking area? 
  • Have we prepared the parking area in a way that designates it for those who are attending? 
  • Is it blocked off?  Are attendants on-site to provide information? 
  • Has a parking permit been sent and/or provided prior to arrival? 

If these questions have been answered by the hosting department, the guests need only focus on the event itself and not be concerned with locating a parking space and finding out at the last minute that a permit is required.

This is where our department comes in.  Any department or office that may need assistance with a non-athletic special group, seminar, conference, etc. should contact us and we will handle the parking details – from providing signage, maps, and directions to making sure the guests have a permit.  This proactive stance will genuinely make guests feel welcomed and alleviate much of the anxiety of what to do and where to go.  The coordinated effort will make our guests feel special and welcomed.

As with most things, services that are provided come at a cost.  We all charge for events.  Parking and related services are an intricate part of campus events, and there are necessary charges to assure the manpower, products and administrative support to help make your event a success. We are here to help.  We ask that as soon as you know of an event, even if it is months away, you please contact us.  This gives us time to design maps and permits and start the communication between our department and yours.  It is your event, and we are here to help you in any way possible to make sure we have the necessary pieces in place.

<Click Here> for a price sheet that details the cost associated with our services and <Click Here> to complete a service request form.  We offer these services to all departments and look forward to working with all as we promote this great university.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Thanks for all you do,

Bus Parking

Unless otherwise directed by the Department of Parking and Transportation, all buses should park at the far west end of the Jackson Avenue Center Lot and bus drivers use the Bronze Line O.U.T. Park-N-Ride service (free of charge) to go to/from the main campus. Groups bringing buses to campus are strongly encouraged to contact DPT (  or 662-915-7235) prior to arrival so individualized instruction and accommodations can be made.

Recreational Vehicle Parking

Recreational vehicles are only allowed to park in the appropriate lots prior to University of Mississippi sporting events on pre-determined days and times. For a list of those dates as well as information on the RV lots, visit gameday parking.