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Upcoming 2022-2023 Parking Changes

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License Plate as a Permit

What is License Plate Recognition (LPR)?

Simply put, your license plate is your parking permit.
With License Plate Recognition, parking enforcement vehicles have readers installed on the front corners of the roof that scan the license plates of parked vehicles facing the drive lane. Once a plate is scanned and read by the software, the information is sent to the secured parking database for validation. This happens instantaneously, allowing the enforcement officers to cover the entire campus multiple times per day.

What permit types will be using license plates as permit?

Faculty/Staff, Commuter Blue/Red, and Pavilion Garage Reserved permit holders will no longer be mailed or issued a physical decal or hangtag permit.  The license plate will function as the vehicle identifier and will be associated with the permit type that is purchased by the vehicle owner. 

Do I still need to purchase a permit for my vehicle since my license plate is my permit?

Yes.  You will still need to purchase a permit by going to the My Parking Account link via our website ( and registering your vehicle.  The license plate is the parking permit, and anyone who parks on campus must have a valid permit.  Permit sales will begin in July.
The purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the license plate and vehicle information in the parking portal at the time a permit is purchased. Citations could be issued to the vehicle owner if inaccurate license plate information is self-reported in the parking portal or parking enforcement staff are unable to scan a license plate when the vehicle is parked.

Can I still back into my parking space or pull through a parking space so the front of my vehicle is facing the drive aisle?

Yes, but you must have a license plate visible to the parking lot aisle or roadway.  If your home state requires a front and back plate, this will not be a problem.  If you are a rear plate only state (Mississippi), you will need to purchase a unique Ole Miss vanity plate from the Parking and Transportation office to attach to the front of your vehicle. 
Vehicles that do not have a license plate visible to the parking lot aisle or roadway could be subject to a citation. Vanity Plates will be available around the start of permit sales in July.  

Will I be able to register multiple vehicles/license plates to a permit?

Student permits only allow for one vehicle to be associated with the permit. 
Faculty/Staff permits are allowed to have more than one vehicle associated with a permit.  However, only one of those vehicles is permitted on campus at any given time. 

What about residential parking permit holders?

Residential students will continue to receive a physical decal for their vehicle when they purchase a permit and register a vehicle for parking on campus.  Vehicles will still be required to have a license plate visible to the parking lot/garage aisle or roadway.  


New Commuter Parking Zones

What is the difference between Commuter Red and Commuter Blue?

Commuter Blue zones are in the core of campus, while Commuter Red is on the perimeter of campus.

What happened to Park n Ride and Open parking zones?

We have expanded those previous zones to create the Commuter Red permit zone.  Commuter Red parking permits will be allowed to park in perimeter parking lots on campus.  Commuter Red will include the previous zones of Park n Ride, Open, and South Oxford Center.  In addition, Commuter Red will include the Jeanette Phillips lot on the west side of the Track and Field facility.  South Oxford Center parkers will no longer be restricted from parking on the main campus (Commuter Red).

Who can park in Commuter Red?

Any valid University permitted vehicle can park in Commuter Red, including Residential permit holders.


Permit Fee Adjustments

Why is the cost of my parking permit increasing?

Debt payments for our existing parking garages and financial support of OUT bus services account for over 50% of our annual budget.  The University of Mississippi is one of a few campuses that doesn’t charge students a transportation fee.  Those factors coupled with ongoing parking lot maintenance and lower than average parking permit fees warrants the minor fee increases.  In addition, parking fees have not increased in four years.

Over the next two years, all parking permit prices will increase modestly to pay for upkeep and improvements to the parking lots, garages and transportation services.

Two Year Pricing Plan
Permit Class Current 2022/2023 2023/2024
Commuter Blue (Core)




Commuter Red (Perimeter)












Faculty/Staff <$37k




Pavilion Garage












Daily Visitor




Annual Visitor