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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Question – Who can park on campus?
    • Answer – Any UM Staff, Student or Visitor may park on campus so long as they have acquired a current UM parking permit or decal.  The only exception to this is for Visitors parking in pay-by-the-hour Metered spaces by the Manning Center 1810 Grill, Martindale, and Howry Hall or in special 15 minute parking meters located near offices selling event tickets.
  • Question – When do I need to be in my parking zone?
    • Answer – All zones are enforced Monday-Friday from 7:30-5:00.  Citations issued after 5:00PM will be for improper parking such as parking in a fire lane or handicap parking stall without the correct credentials.
  • Question – What is the OPEN parking zone and who can park there?
    • Answer – Open parking is a designation for a zone that allows all permit types except Park-N-Ride to park in the designated lot. UM Staff, Visitors and Students, including Residential Students may park in an OPEN designated zone so long as they do have a permit for a zone other than Park-N-Ride. A UM parking permit is required for the zone.
  • Question – How can I get a vehicle boot removed outside of DPT's normal office hours?
    • Answer – If you need assistance with a boot removal after normal office hours, you must contact the University Police Department at (662) 915-7234. Note: If DPT or UPD removes a boot after regular DPT enforcement hours, a $200 removal fee will be assessed.
  • Question – If I need vehicle assistance immediately due to an emergency outside of DPT's normal office hours, whom should I contact?
    • Answer – For immediate assistance related to any afterhours emergency, contact the University Police Department (UPD) at (662) 915-7234.

Permits and Decals

  • Question – Do bicycles have to have a permit?
    • Answer - Yes, by policy all bikes must be registered. This helps to identify them should they become lost, stolen, or confiscated, as well as promotes the proper allocation of resources such as bike racks. Bicycle registration is free and good for up to four years.
  • Question – Do all vehicles require a permit?
    • Answer – All vehicles that park on campus must have a permit, except when parked at the pay-by-hour parking meters.
  • Question – What do I do if my vehicle is in the shop and I have rental car?
    • Answer - A temporary permit would need to be purchased from our office at a daily rate for the duration the rented vehicle will be on campus.
  • Question – I sold my car or I wrecked my car and don’t have the permit that was on it!
    • Answer - You can provide information from your insurance company about the accident and we would then provide you a replacement permit at the current replacement rate. If you sell your vehicle a copy of the bill-of-sale could be provided to receive the replacement rate.
  • Question – My license plate changed, how do I update it?
    • Answer - All permit holders are responsible for keeping their vehicle information up-to-date.  Click on the LICENSE PLATE UPDATE button (upper right of the DPT home page) to update your license plate information.  <Click Here> to view the step-by-step process.  If you have a new vehicle, you will need to come to the Parking & Transportation office or email  This will help you avoid receiving a citation in the future. 
  • Question – I got a new vehicle, what do I do about my permit?
    • Answer - All permit holders are responsible for keeping their vehicle information up-to-date.  Only hang-tag type permits (Faculty/Staff, Annual and Monthly Visitor, and Retirees) are transferable between registered vehicles.  Decal type permits are not transferable and require replacement for a small fee.   For decals, if available, please bring the scrapped off old decal and your new vehicle information to DPT's main office to obtain a new decal.  For hang-tag type permits, use your My Parking Account tools and add your new vehicle under the Manage Your Vehicles link.  Please email the address with a message that you need your new car linked to your existing permit.  Please provide your license plate info in the email. 

Transportation and Buses

  • Question – How much is the fare for the O.U.T. buses?
    • Answer - The bus fare in most cases is FREE for all University Staff and Students.  Simply present your current UM ID card to the driver as you board the bus.  Fares for the general public are $1.00 for Adults. For more info: O.U.T. Schedule and Fees
  • Question – What time do the buses run?
    • Answer – The main city routes of Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green typically run from about 7:00AM to 9:00PM Monday-Friday.  Exact time may vary by route, please see O.U.T. Schedule and Fees for more info.  University Park-N-Ride shuttles (Gold and Bronze Routes) run from 7:00AM-7:00PM Monday-Friday during the Spring and Fall Semesters.

Garage and Meters

  • Question – If I purchase a Pavilion Garage permit can I park in any Faculty/Staff or Commuter Space?
    • Answer – No, during the hours between 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday, you would be restricted to your reserved space in the Pavilion Garage.  Exceptions are trips to Insight Park, Facilities Management/Planning and the Park-n-Ride lots (JAC and South Lot).
  • Question – I already have a permit, do I have to pay to park in Metered Spaces?
    • Answer – Yes, metered spaces are on demand pay-by-the-hour parking available to any UM Staff, Student or Visitor. Metered spaces are available at the Manning Center 1810 Grill, Martindale, and Howry Hall or in special 15 minute parking meters located near offices selling event tickets. All cars parked in a metered space are required to pay the meter fees regardless of the presence of a UM parking permit.

Citations and Fines

  • Question – How do I appeal a citation?
    • Answer – One may appeal if the citation is within a 7-day window of the date issued. This may be done on-line through your My Parking Account. If you wish to do this in person appeal online and indicate this. The student appeals committee meets at set times Monday-Friday. For more info: CITATIONS
  • Question – I parked in a parking space with a number on it.  Why did I get a citation?
    • Answer – Athletics has put numbers on some of the parking stalls in close proximity to the football and baseball stadiums.  These numbers represent a location where Athletics has sold a specific stall or location to a game-day/event parking permit holder.  Some of the locations are not valid parking spaces during the normal day-to-day operations.  Valid locations will always have white lines indicating the parking stall.

Football Game Day Parking

  • Question – Where do I park on Game Day?
    • Answer – Parking on campus during home football games is controlled by the Athletics Department.  All non-residential parking stalls are sold through the Athletics Foundation and campus is closed to general parking.  General parking is available at various locations throughout Oxford with shuttle services to the campus.  For more Information –  
  • Question – Where can RV's park on a Game Day weekend?
    • Answer – Recreational Vehicles (RV's) are not permitted on campus except during certain athletics events including all home football games.  Athletics has designated parking for RVs in specific areas of the campus core and permits are available through the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation.  For more Information –  Only during home football games, additional RV parking is available near the intramural fields about 1.5 miles from the stadium.   These additional spaces are available through the Department of Campus Recreation, information may be found at this website