Computer Cleanup

Removing Viruses

Every computer connected to the Internet needs to have fully updated virus scanning software. Several websites offer free virus/spyware scans directly from your web browser or Desktop with no software installation required. The Microsoft Defender app is a free virus removal software created by Microsoft. Microsoft Defender comes standard on Windows as part of Windows Security, protecting your data and devices in real time with a full suite of advanced safeguards.

Removing Malware/Spyware

There are several free programs available on the Internet to help remove malware and spyware from your computer. These infections can slow your computer, track your internet browsing habits, cause pop-ups, and leave your computer vulnerable to other security threats. We recommend using the following programs to remove malware and spyware from your computer:

These tools will detect and remove malicious items from your computer. It is important to run these scans in Safe Mode and use the update feature in each of the programs after installing them, but before scanning your machine.

IT Helpdesk Services

If you are unable to clean your computer, the IT Helpdesk can do it for you. If you require our service, simply bring your computer to 100 Weir Hall. The IT Helpdesk will clean infections, update at-risk software and apply operating system patches for an hourly fee of $20.00 plus tax. All charges must be paid by either Visa or Mastercard. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.

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